“Future Stars” Recreational Dance Classes


SEASON 6 2020-2021
Classes begin September 28/2020

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AMR is proud to host a variety of recreational classes, still aiming to provide high quality dance training, but with less pressure and commitment than our competitive program. Perfect for first timers or returning dancers not interested in attending festivals.
We consider these students our “Future Stars”.

All classes focus on:
Technique, memory, flexibility, confidence, discipline, musicality & social interaction.

Age determination date: January 31, 2021

Preschool “Future Stars”
Ages 2.5 – 4.5years        Potty training requirement
10 week sessions – #1 September 28 – December 4/2020
2021 sessions will be scheduled

  • Monday afternoon Ballet Tap Combo Class
  • Tuesday morning Ballet and/or Acro
  • Friday morning Jazz and/or Acro

Beginner ‘A’, Junior ‘B’ & Intermediate ‘C’      “Future Stars”
30 week program Sept 28-May 23+/- (to be confirmed)

Now doing class placements. Recommendations have been made through
Parent Portalfor returning students. New students please inquire.
See AMR Handbook for further details found on ourParent Portal.

 Monday, Thursday and Friday class options in

  • Ballet                                                             CDTA Syllabus          
  • Tap                                                                 ADAPT Syllabus    
  • Jazz                                                                ADAPT Syllabus    
  • Acrobatic Dance (Acrodance)*            AA & ADTA Syllabus
  • Hip Hop                           

A B and C classes *Acrodance must be accompanied with a Ballet or Jazz class.
Majority of Acrodance class is spent on strength, flexibility & skills.
It was created to supplement other styles of Dance, not replace.
Even though Acrodance is extremely beneficial for overall physical health, we are trying to promote AcroDANCE through AMR and differentiate ourselves from other programs.

What’s the difference between Gymnastics & Acro? 
Here is a great article from Acro Dance Teachers Association (ADTA)


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