ESHOP & Dress Code


AMR suggests (2) options for purchasing class gear.
1. Browse the limited selection on hand, at the studio – bodysuits, tights, shoes, gently used items.
2. E-Shop. Sizing kits available to try at the studio, to take the guessing game out of ordering.
Both options still support AMR Dance studio.Thank you for shopping local! #shoplocal 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: STUDIO SIZING NIGHTS Monday August 30 & September 6, 2021. 4:00-6:00PM. Browse in stock selection, gently used, or use sizing kits to purchase through EShop.

Sizing guides available to try before you buy. 
Ships to YOU. Online support. Free Returns for 30days.

AMR SWAG also available throughout the year.
Hoodies, Crops, Tanks & more!! 


Specific recommendations are listed on our Studio Handbooks or  E-Shop.
You can also browse the limited bodysuits, tights and shoes on hand at the studio. 

DRESS CODE notes for all classes:     
– Hair securely back
– Appropriate class shoes (Acrodance is barefoot). 
– No jeans, hats or baggy clothing.
– No dangly jewellery.
– No socks (slip hazard).      

Females: Tights. Bodysuit (optional skirt/shorts). Pink leather or Canvas Ballet shoes.
Males: Fitted shorts/slacks with fitted top tucked in. Black leather Ballet shoes.

ACROBATICS: Barefeet – No socks or loose clothing.
Females: Tights (convertible or footless) or bare legs. Bodysuit required (optional shorts  – no skirts). Yoga pants and fitted top are acceptable, but bodysuit preferred.
Males: fitted shorts and shirt, tucked in.

Females: Tights. Bodysuit (optional skirt/shorts). Yoga pants and fitted top permitted but bodysuits preferred.
Males: fitted shorts or slacks with fitted shirt, tucked in.

Jazz shoes – laceless. Class – beige or black permitted. Performances – instructor will specify color. For Summer programs or workshops – instructor may allow bare feet.

Tap shoes –  Style recommendations on E-Shop. Beginner Females usually start with Mary Jane style moving up to an Oxford lace up, and Males usually start with Oxford lace up. Classes – beige or black permitted. Performances – instructor will specify color.

Loose clothes & hats with hair still back, will be permitted. Jeans not allowed – clothes must still have stretch. Clean, indoor running shoes required.

For year end recital performances, students may be required to get a particular color or type of tight/shoes. This may involve needing to purchase an additional pair later in the season.

Questions or potential interest? We’d love to chat.

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