Dance Exams


AMR Dance is interested in hosting Dance Examinations
for all students interested (Recreational and Competitive)
for Tap, Jazz & Acro training.
Because this would be a first for the studio:
we are looking for interested dancers!

What are Dance Exams?
Dance Examinations provide a fantastic way for students to set individual goals, work for achievements, have their techniques tested by qualified Examiners and rewarded by receiving a Grade, certificates and in some cases, medals. Life lessons through Dance! Examinations also provide quality control checks for AMR instructors to ensure proper training is being given to our students. More focus is put on class & performance etiquette, learning respect & maturity towards the arts, communication and is a great tool for helping dancers advance their technique.

What would the kids be tested on? 
With being certified through ADAPT (Tap and Jazz) and Acrobatic Arts & Acro Dance Teachers Association (Acrodance) our studio follows a professional and progressional “syllabus” for each of our classes according to age and abilities. The work being learned in regular class already, is the main foundation & focus for what our exams would be.
ADAPT Tap & Jazz Syllabus
Acrobatic Arts
Acro Dance Teachers Association. Certification in progress for JR INT ADV Comprehensive Premiere Program – still able to offer exams. 

Does this involve travel or extra fees? 
NO TRAVEL! That is the best part – we are equipped with the tools and connections to host our Dance Examinations in house, with the qualified examiners to coming to us. There would be a small additional fee for joining the Examination  — amount to be determined. 

What kind of commitment would there be?
Normally, additional classes for preparation outside of regular class would be required – estimating minimum of 6. During regular classes, it is un-common and not always the goal to finish all the syllabus work in one year (as our focus often shifts to routines for year end recital).  Extra practices would be scheduled & approved ahead of time. These classes would focus on finishing their syllabus level material, exam etiquette, mock exams and working for that final perfection.

Interested? This could be a GREAT opportunity for your dancer!
Please reach out to Alison to discuss.
Instagram: @alisonr_amrdance
Facebook: amrdanceteamdrumheller

ADTA Certification      ADAPT Certified      AcroArts Module 1 Certified
JR In Progress