Dance Classes


Preschool, Future Stars & Competitive

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  • Ballet                              CDTA Syllabus
  • Tap                                  ADAPT Syllabus
  • Jazz                                ADAPT Syllabus
  • Hip Hop
  • Acrobatics                    ADTA & Acro Arts Syllabus
  • Lyrical
  • Solo/Duet/Trio Privates

    Monday – Ballet Tap Combo 300-345PM
    Tuesday – Jazz Acro Combo 1130AM-1215PM
    Wednesday – Ballet 1130AM-1215PM
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Preschool & 5Y.O +

AMR is proud to host a variety of recreational classes, still aiming to provide high quality dance training, but with less pressure and commitment than our competitive program. Perfect for first timers or returning dancers not interested in attending festivals.

All classes focus on:
Technique, memory, flexibility, self confidence, discipline, musicality & social interaction.

*Acrodance must be accompanied with a Ballet or Jazz class. Why? *Preschool excluded
Majority of Acrodance class is spent on strength, flexibility & skills.
Acro was created to supplement other styles of Dance, not replace. Even though Acrodance is
extremely beneficial for overall physical health, we are trying to promote AcroDANCE 
through AMR and differentiate ourselves from other programs. Without our students taking an additional dance class, it would be very difficult to include them in our Year End recitals. We want no one left out!

What’s the difference between Gymnastics & Acro? 
Here is a great article from Acro Dance Teachers Association (ADTA).


2021 – (3) Teams in training “Junior” “Intermediate” and “Senior”
Joining competitive dance requires approval from Alison Rutz. Prior experience would be required. Abilities & attitudes are taken into consideration when approving students & deciding class placement. While our teams continue their training for another year, it makes adding new members with less experience difficult. We intend to build our competitive program by converting our younger recreational members in future.

Competitive dance requires a larger commitment from the students & families to attend more classes & practice regularly at home. The expectations of class, teamwork and performance are larger. We want to invest in our competitive students long term, since dance is progressional training, to see their skills advance and hard work pay off. Like any team sport, in order to succeed, it requires team attendance and continual effort from each member. Before allowing to join, Alison wants to ensure the dancer is physically and mentally ready for the commitment required.

How many Competitions do we do?
Our studio participates in 3-4 different festivals around Alberta. We try to stick within a 2hour travel limit, being mindful of our families life outside of the studio. We want to give our students taste of the competitive world, while maintaining our small town balanced lifestyle. We often consider ourselves the underdogs but love being a part of the performance scene and seeing other dancers perform.

We fully encourage and promote all interest & inquiries! 

Questions or potential interest? We’d love to chat.
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