Updated January 6, 2021. 

Following the current COVID regulations mandated by our Government, AMR has converted to online classes since November 23, 2020, taking us into our Christmas Break. Coming back to classes January 11, we are still waiting on confirmation from our Government whether “in studio” is permitted, or continued online. Starting the New Year – AMR originally intended to offer our next Preschool session & additional Future Stars Classes on Fridays. However, due to so much unknown, we have decided to maintain our current class schedule, without change, for the time being. We hope anyone interested in joining will be able to sit tight for our next sessions.

We are very proud of our students and families for navigating through these strange times, with patience and confidence. We were lucky enough to have 8 incredible weeks with our students “in studio” before the second shut down. Through our few weeks online so far, our students have demonstrated positive attitudes and persistence – pushing past all of our comfort zones “at home” for continued dedication and SUCCESS. AMR is committed to supporting and teaching our students in ANY situation and will continue to be ready for a quick transition – in studio to home, at any time.

Updated Sept 2, 2020.

How is our studio managing the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic?
Written guidelines & information are provided through the
AMR Dance Handbook
Accessible through our Parent Portal under “Shared Files”

We have prepared detailed reports for: 

  • Preparing for classes and AHS screening procedure
  • Entry way and In Class implementations
  • Exiting, Cleaning Products and more
  • Response plans & student support
  • Next Wave – Partial or Full shut down plan
  • Online or “at home” options
  • Performances, Competitions, Costumes

*We are preparing a VIDEO explanation high-lighting our implementations and a studio walk through. We want to give our families transparent information of what you can expect for Back to Class this year. Making your choice to come back – easy! 

Now more than ever, our community needs safe socialization and activity for our youth, but maintaining everyones safety is our top priority. After closing down in March from the global pandemic, we are not taking for granted the chance to open our doors again. We have prepared an A – B – C plan for every situation that may arise over our dance season, committed to giving our best program.

To continue normal operations, our studio relies on continued enrolment for our entire scheduled season. We hope we can count on the continued commitment of our families during this strange and difficult time. 

We are feeling very positive about maintaining a healthy studio environment and are excited to open our doors for classes or continue our work online at home!