Competitive Dance Classes



SEASON 6 2020-2021 

Classes begin September 28/2020

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  • Ballet                                               CDTA Syllabus
  • Tap                                                   ADAPT Syllabus
  • Jazz                                                  ADAPT Syllabus
  • Hip Hop
  • Acrobatics                                     ADTA & Acrobatic Arts Syllabus
  • Lyrical
  • Solo/Duet/Trio Privates

Currently AMR Dance trains (3) competitive teams
“Junior” “Intermediate” and “Senior”
Joining competitive dance requires approval from Alison Rutz. Prior experience would be required, or minimum 1 year of Recreational. Abilities & attitudes are taken into consideration when approving students & deciding class placement.

Competitive dance requires a larger commitment from the students & families to attend more classes & practice regularly at home. The expectations of class, teamwork and performance are larger. We want to invest in our competitive students long term, since dance is progressional training, to see their skills advance and hard work pay off. Like any team sport, in order to succeed, it requires team attendance and continual effort from each member. Before allowing to join, Alison wants to ensure the dancer is physically and mentally ready for the commitment required.

We fully encourage and promote all interest & inquiries! 

Questions or potential interest? We’d love to chat.
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