Etiquette & Discretions



Will enforce a safe class environment, and treat all students/parents with kindness and respect
Will come to class on time, organized with lesson plans ready
Will address any concerns, questions, emails, or calls in a timely manner
Will encourage all students to do their best and work to bring out the potential in each one
Responsible for ordering costumes for students (applicable classes), choosing the best size available for their measurements

Will be dressed in proper dance attire with hair pulled back before class starts
Will treat all classmates with respect and kindness – bullying of any kind will not be tolerated
Will listen to the instructor and participate with a positive attitude
Will not bring gum or food into the studio. Water allowed only
Will try to use the bathroom before or after class, not during
Will respect the studio space at all times & no touching items or studio property that do not belong to you
Responsible for the condition and care of all dancewear, costumes and costume pieces, including shoes (applicable classes).

Will complete all registration paperwork (including participation waiver) and payments
Will advise on registration paperwork of any medical condition (allergies included) and any previous/current injuries
Will communicate directly with the instructor over any questions or concerns
Do your best to have your child dressed and at class on time, using the washroom before class
Will speak positively of their own child and all participating students at AMR. Profanity or negative comments will not be tolerated
Are responsible for drop offs/pick-ups of their own children or arranging for another responsible adult to manage
Will not post any negative/damaging comments or photos on social media or other outlets about AMR Dance while a member
Are responsible for the condition and care of all dance wear, costumes & costume pieces including shoes (applicable classes)
Will do their best to arrive on time and prepared for scheduled performances or class events
Are responsible for the cost of any costume alterations required, applicable classes. (AMR usually orders costumes on the bigger end to be safe).


  • Missed Classes – No refunds will be given for missed classes based on dancers absence (vacations/schedule conflicts/illness or injury).
  • Cancelled Classes – If the instructor is not able to attend, a substitute instructor will try to be found. If no luck, a makeup class will try to be scheduled (could fall on another day of the week). If these options do not work out, a pro-rata refund will be taken into consideration.
  • Withdrawing – Parents must provide notice in writing, if the student no longer wishes to attend classes. Please remember for classes with routines, this effects all group members. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IN SUMMER PROGRAM PAST JULY 1, 2019. Withdrawal from Summer program after July 1 will result in no refund. In regular season September to May, there will be a short rate penalty of one additional month charged. There will be no refunds on costumes or competition fees.
  • 3 Strike Rule, Class Removal – when the instructor witnesses extremely bad behaviour, the student will not only be disciplined but receive a ‘strike’ on their record.  At 3 strikes, the student will be removed from the class permanently, regardless of the time of year. Removal from class due to behaviour will result in the same withdraw/refund policies shown above.
  • Participation – through AMR Dance is at the risk and own discretion of child/parents. Participation waivers must be signed upon registration. To avoid injuries, staying active, eating properly and stretching at home is very important.
  • Lost Items – AMR Dance is not responsible for any stolen or lost items while at the studio or studio event.
  • Costumes – parents and students are responsible for the care and condition of costumes when handed out, until the time the costume is returned (or season is over, if keeping).
  • Choreography – is property of AMR Dance. Permission to record is required before posting videos online.
  • Photo Discretion – AMR Dance may use year end photos, performance photos or class photos/videos for advertisement on social media, website or other. Photo waivers must be signed with Participation Waiver.