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Below is information about classes held, prior to Dec 2020 lock down. 


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Adult Tap Session — November and December 2020

First timers or former dancers, come join Miss Jessica for a great night! 
Don’t have any shoes? The studio has a couple of very affordable second hand adult pairs – you are welcome to try. Please inquire after enrolment. 
Sign up for the full session to save $! Drop in still available. 

Limited availability
Registration Portal – Click here to reserve your spot! 


Instructed by Miss Courtney.
Saturdays/Sundays 1PM
November: 7 & 8, 14 & 15, 21 & 22, 28 & 29 

**Please bring own yoga mat – bare feet required (see below)**

Limited availability
Registration Portal – Click here to reserve your spot! 


What is Barre?
Barre is an exciting mix of moves inspired by Ballet, Pilates & light Cardio – designed to target and tone, head to toe. With Miss Courtney’s charismatic attitude and simple but effective sequences, our classes are guaranteed to make you sweat with a smile.

What will I need?
We recommend bare feet, stretchy exercise attire, a water bottle and hair back. Bare feet or pilates/yoga socks (grip). Bring own yoga mat if you have one. Other equipment such as barre, yoga blocks, 1-5lb dumbbells, pilates balls and resistance bands are provided by the studio (will be cleaned after all sessions) but participants are also welcomed to bring their own, if you have. 


I feel inexperienced (or too advanced). Is this class right for me? 
Barre is actually incredibly easy to modify, or advance. Like most physical activities, participants can choose how easy or hard to perform. We encourage open communication during class with all students if looking for more or less.  We promote a safe class environment for everyone to be their best. 

Easy ways to modify or advance:
Perform the moves without dumbbell weights, or increased weight.
 Remove or add ankle weights 
Modify core work: lower back support with hands under pelvis, or yoga block under head. Advance core work: hands behind head, shoulders elevated, increase range of motion. 
Modify any cardio: Decrease range of movements – step touches vs. plyometrics (jumping). Advance any cardio: Increase speed or range of motion.

Want to know more? Here is a great article from Shape Magazine

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